Hello Summer! This is a time of rest, beach trips, lazy days and carnivals. Okay, that may be a bit simplistic because most of us still work during the summer months. However, there are so many things to do with the family or friends so get out and have some fun and have it in a clean car. 
Bebos is Alabama’s best car wash and detail company! We encourage folks to take care of their cars. They are your lifeline to your job, your social life and your family! Keeping it clean helps to keep it running. So go get the car washed and detailed! All our wash packages have rain check receipts so there are no worries with Bebos. Stop in today for a quick car wash, wax, and oil change and grab a snack to keep your energy up. You’ll be surprised at how fast and thorough our car washes are! Plus, we have a highly motivated team waiting to detail your car. We know what the bottom of your cup holders have in them and, well, yuck.

Here are some great coupons. It’s just our way of saying we appreciate our customers!

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Try getting a gift card for someone you know or sign up for our Unlimited Wash Club. Both offer discounts that will leave you smiling and your car looking its best. Remember, not only do people love clean cars, but so do cars. Cleaning your car protects the paint finish, the air intakes, the life of the wheels and rims and keeps the undercarriage free from road salts and debris.