Custom Detailing

Express Hand Wax Genuine Brazilian Carnauba wax hand applied using an orbiter. Guaranteed for 4 months $49.95 & Up $64.95
Buff & Wax For vehicles with scratches or oxidized (faded) paint. Your vehicle is first compounded and then a Genuine Brazilian Carnauba wax is applied using a high speed buffer. $100.00 & Up $125.00
Overspray Pollutants and any overspray are removed using a clay bar process which includes Bebo’s exclusive cleaning agent and lubricant. Vehicle is washed and waxed when complete. $229.95 & Up $249.95
Paint Sealant or Clear Coat Seal Bebo’s exclusive paint sealant is hand applied with an orbiter. Guaranteed for 12 months $129.95 & Up $149.95
Interior Shampoo & Clean Heated high pressure extraction of soils and stains using gentle, environmentally friendly cleaners. $100.00 & Up $125.00
Shampoo Trunk $10.00 & Up  
Shampoo Carpet or Seats Heated High Pressure Water Extractor $54.95 & Up $69.95
Express Carpet Clean- Dry Method Dry Method – Not for all vehicles. For lightly soiled vehicles. Dirt and stains are removed by use of environmentally friendly oxygenated aerosol cleaners. $40.00  
Custom Wheel & Spoke Cleaning Wheels are hand cleaned and polished. $10 & Up  
Floor Mat Shampoo $5.00 each/ All $15.00  
Interior & Exterior Detail Package This includes our Interior Shampoo & Clean plus our Buff and Wax. $200.00 & Up $250.00
Remove Road Tar or Tree Sap Estimate Only  
Shampoo Spots or Buff-off Marks Estimate Only  
Hand Wash Includes vacuum, windows , dash and console dusted, and tire dressing $40.00 & Up $50.00
Remove Water Spots Windows Bebo’s now has a method to remove those unsightly water spots on your glass. Guaranteed $15.00 Each  
Remove Water Spots Chrome Safely remove those pesky water spots from your vehicle’s chrome to restore that new car shine. $20.00 & Up  
Headlight Restoration Bebo’s can now restore your faded headlights to increase visibility and safety. Done in less than 15 minutes on most vehicles. $40.00  
Windshield Repair We can repair most cracks and chips in your windshield to avoid replacing. $35.00 – $50.00  
Leather Clean & Conditioning $20.00 & Up  
All Car Washes come with a 36 hour rewash guarantee except the Express Exterior.    

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